About Me – MoonSHine


Hi, there! I’m Seungho Moon. I attend Hanyang University, South Korea, Seoul. My major is business management. I like sports, especially soccer as most Korean guys like. I also like MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), from when I watch a highlight video of Chansung Jeong, the famous UFC fighter, by chance. I know MMA is little bit cruel, but I think it’s cool! Because of my interest on MMA, I had belonged to an MMA gym last year for 4 months. But I needed to quit because of my lack of money(The monthly fee was 240,000 won. It’s too expensive!).  I should earn much money for my hobbies, haha.

My object of my life is being a proud father, son and husband. I think life is not just about ‘me’ but about ‘us’. Getting along with my family and being a big hand to them is the most important thing, because they are the first member of ‘us’.


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